We build digital
real estate products

We’re a software design and development agency that builds web and mobile products from idea to implementation. We have extensive real estate domain expertise with core competencies in product, data and software development covering all real estate areas.

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  • Residential

    We develop digital solutions for large residential portals as well as smaller brokerages.

  • Commercial

    We deliver innovative approaches to overcome challenges uniquely faced by large CRE clients.

  • Broker/Landlord

    We build intuitive and scalable software to help brokers and landlords achieve better results.


Where to live? Ask the app.

Searching for an apartment online has long been limited to plugging in what you can afford and where you think you might want to live and then sifting through dozens of listings. But what if you don’t have a neighborhood in mind? In a city as large as New York, there are probably neighborhoods you’ve never heard of. And even a place you think you know can change character within just a few blocks.

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‘Property matching’ is the new search

Homebuyers, particularly those lazy millennial types, don't want to have to sort through hundreds of listings that a property search spits out. They want to be spoon-fed just a handful, a carefully curated batch that closely maps to their full range of preferences.

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16 Maps That’ll Change How You See New York City

With such a large and diverse population spread across so many dynamic neighborhoods, it can be hard to get a sense of what New York City is actually like. This series of maps might give you a better idea.

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This online tool will help you find your perfect NYC neighborhood

After answering just a few questions, one site promises to help ease the hassle of finding a new home — and help you find the right one. Place I Live — a location-based platform that provides users updates for specific neighborhoods — has launched a new site where New Yorkers will be able to narrow down what area in the Big Apple is right for them to rent or buy.

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The Hyperb team has been a trusted and dependable partner in a number of technical projects requiring a deep understanding of real estate practices, big data manipulation, and a diverse mix of relevant web technologies. No matter what kind of project we have relied on them to deliver, their culture-driven can-do attitude and professional work ethic have surpassed our expectations each time


I really love the work and the effort that the Hyperb team put into A Retail Space. The team is obviously extremely talented combined with a professionalism and lack of diva-ness that I have rarely found elsewhere. My experience of working with the team has been first class. What really impressed me was their in-depth knowledge of algorithms and working with big data. They have been instrumental in making the product what it is today